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Vitamin capsules

Vitamin E in Horse Hay

For horses that have access to plentiful amounts of fresh green forage, additional vitamin supplementation is often unnecessary. Shortly after harvesting, however, the amount of vitamins A and E decreases significantly in hay and hay products.

KER Research

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oats and glycemic response

How Do Different Diets Affect Glycemic Response in Horses?

The purpose of this experiment was to determine glycemic response in horses fed six different feeds at three different levels of intake.


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horse respiratory issues

Horses and Asthma: An Overview

“Equine asthma syndrome” is the new term for the spectrum of disorders resulting from chronic airway inflammation. This syndrome includes everything from mild asthma, also called inflammatory airway disease in young horses, to severe asthma, widely referred to as heaves and pasture- or summer-associated airway disease.

General Interest

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horse colostrum quality

Prolactin Does Not Improve Colostrum Quality in Mares

According to one recent study, prolactin does not appear to increase the concentration of immunoglobulins—infection-fighting proteins—in mammary secretions, including colostrum.